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June 15, 2004
Meeting Break

The wretched excess of marketing material that surrounds us.

Call me crazy, but I think spending two years building a special jail to stuff people awaiting deportation into sends entirely the wrong message. (Or…not. I notice it's in Tacoma. It's the other side of the country from the lady with the lamp and suddenly I have this image of us welcoming people with open arms at one door and then kicking them out the back door when no one is looking. I realize that's not exactly what's happening, but it's the image I get.)

Also, I may be silly, but I doubt that the right way to "reform" unsatisfactory, abuse detention facilities is to build different facilities somewhere else.

We are so on the wrong track in this country.

I also wonder why you never hear any of those people who jump up and down and foam at the mouth about the 'sanctity' of the 'family' protesting that a father doesn't abdicate his right to have a voice in how his children are raised just because he gets a divorce.

Oddly enough, when a father's right to help make decisions about his children is denied purely because of "legal custody" issues, you don't hear those 'family sanctity' people protesting at all.

David Brooks never seems to stray too far from his Conservative roots. His going on about the "elites" and their advanced "education" today.

This year the presidential election is a contest between the rival elites of the educated class.

That's such a typically Conservative view of society, with disdain for "educated" people right there in your face. (One presumes that Brooks himself never quite managed to finish high school or something.)
No, seriously, it's an interesting column…but I'll admit I did think of that when I saw the teaser for the column. It would be nice to live in a country where either having an education wasn't seen as "elitist" or where everyone was a member of the 'educated elite,' don't you think?

Posted by AnneZook at 03:44 PM


"That's such a typically Conservative view of society, with disdain for "educated" people right there in your face."

Whoa. Are you sure you read his column right? He wasn't saying liberals were educated and therefore bad. He said that America has an educated elite and that it is split into rival liberal and conservative factions.

According to the census of 2000 only 14% of American women have college degrees (28% of younger women do) - and those with college degrees lead healthier and more affluent lives. That is clearly an elite. But it is not necessarily a liberal elite, nor did Brooks argue that it was. He recognized that there were lots of conservatives in that elite too. An elite split into rival liberal and conservative factions. But an elite nonetheless.

One thing I admire about the conservative movement, or at least its latest incarnation (the mental space it's been in for the last 20 years), is the way it never forgets how few Americans have college degrees. A lot of my liberal friends, by contrast, tend to think everyone is exactly like them - college educated and looking out at the world as a white collar professional. I love them but I find it a bit obtuse. And it seems a sad transformation for the Democratic party, which once upon a time was the party of the working class.

Posted by: Lawrence Krubner at June 16, 2004 09:03 AM

Like I said, it's what I thought when I first read the 'teaser' for the column is all.

Posted by: Anne at June 16, 2004 09:45 AM

The list of democratic leaning educated people seem to be professions immersed in the service economy as opposed to the republican leaning educated immersed in the industrial economy.

It seems strange that the voice of the "undereducated" are the service economy folks as opposed to the industrial types. Given the pace of job creations overseas in this global economy perhaps having service sided representation is the best choice.

Do you want fries with that opinion?

Posted by: jim at June 17, 2004 09:35 AM

Heh. Heh.

Posted by: Anne at June 18, 2004 11:34 AM