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June 21, 2004
Don't wait up for me

It's not that I don't understand the value that tourism dollars have to a small town or community, because I do. But I find commercializing murder a little disconcerting.

I'm sorry for the light blogging schedule over the last week, as well as my inattention to comments and some of the discussions going on.

We had a fancy new phone system installed here at the office just over a week ago and for the last week I've done nothing but work on phone problems. (I started to rant about it, but then I realized none of this is your fault, so I deleted the rant. You're welcome.)

In the meantime, just go read everything Avedon Carol is talking about.

Or Jeralyn.

Or go read Bad Attitudes and then worry about when your local pharmacist might also start refusing to dispense drugs for STDs or AIDs based on his religious beliefs.

Or go try and help Jeanne figure out exactly what the Bush Administration's morality is.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:11 PM