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June 23, 2004

Remember Afghanistan? It's now the place where Afghan soldiers did…or did not…behead Taliban prisoners in retaliation for the murder of an Afghan soldier and an interpreter.

As always, it pays to read to the end of the story.

Mansager said seven rocket-propelled grenades were fired Tuesday at a U.S. military base in the southeastern town of Khost, slightly wounding two soldiers and three Afghan interpreters.

No one thinks about Afghanistan any more, but there's still a war going on there*. A war with the actual kind of terrorists we're pretending we went into Iraq in search of.

Afghanistan is also the place where our allies are now saying they've discovered that USofA troops were torturing prisoners.

(Of course, abusing prisoners and 'detainees' here on our own soil isn't that uncommon.)

( * To be fair, we should mention that some people remember Afghanistan, because some people are still fighting there. Or dying in other ways.)

Oh, well. Maybe we'll get hit by an asteroid and it will all be moot.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:41 AM