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June 25, 2004
A Little Lighter

You think you have it bad? Imagine working here. (Although, to be fair, I have no actual objection to the idea of being permanently trapped in a library. Without the fire, of course.)

And this is just fabulous. (Although I'm torn between the realization that preservation of the baroque false ceiling means the fresco will have to remain unexposed.)

You can be a mega-corporation without being evil. Here's proof.

Always remember that it's much more important to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars telling people in other countries not to have sex than it is to use that kind of money to do something actually positive here at home.

From QuickTakes:

Reality's island

Auditions have been announced in Boston for a TV reality show based on "Gilligan's Island."

Hee.Hee. I know someone who was invited to try out for the show.

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