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June 29, 2004
Iraq, blah, blah, bombs, blah, blah, economy, blah, blah

Well, well, well. So, we handed over "sovereignty" to the interim government a couple of days early.

I'd say that the hasty and unpublicized handover, and the relief everyone feels now that it's accomplished, is a signal of how badly we're failing in Iraq. We've been liberating Iraqis for a year and we still can't make them be grateful, can we?

I'd also say that leaving a lot of laws, some of which are just stupid, dictating what the "sovereign" Iraq can and can't do is pretty much proof that we have no intention of actually allowing Iraqis to determine their own future at this point.

There's not much point in the new 'government' passing a new law that says people can drive with only one hand on the wheel if they want to…we'd probably send Bremer back in to take over again at any such sign of insurrection. Nor is there any point in protesting that someone can honk their car horn if they feel like it. Nope, we've mandated two-handed driving and horn-honking only in emergencies part of the deal.

I'm glad to know Bremer had the violence in the country so well under control that he had time to consider things like driving habits. Tell the Iraqis. Honk if you love freedom.

There's a dreary sameness to the headlines these days, in spite of that event.

Three marines were killed in Iraq and kidnappers claim to have executed another soldier. I wonder why it didn't merit front page coverage this time?

We're so desperate for a "win" in the Middle East that we're cozying up to a terrorist, happy to accept his word that he's really a much better kind of guy than we thought.

There's fighting between Palestinians and Israel. "I was a psychotic madman, but I'm all better now."

A plane in Turkey had a bomb on it. It exploded when the plane was being cleaned. Three injuries, no fatalities.

There was a lot of gloating about consumer spending hitting a two-year high in May (Look! The economy! Look! It's improving!) but not so much talk explaining that the "high" was caused by high food and fuel prices and not some surge in "consumer confidence" about the economy.

It seems like I've read these headlines a hundred times before in the last couple of years.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:47 AM