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June 30, 2004
Other Stuff

Cassini has reached Saturn. It's a story worth following. There's a story here, as well.

Current fuss aside, the BBC is a great news reference source, the best I've found on-line. Their interactive guide to Israel's Barrier Wall is well worth looking at. (And if you look here or here, you'll figure out one of the main reasons there's been no peace between Palestine and Israel up until now. It's all about water.)

Darfur. Aid and action are needed. I'm still thinking about that.

And if the political parties want more television coverage of the conventions, they need to make news at the conventions. Fewer canned speeches patting each other on the back for being so noble and patriotic and more actual discussion of actual policies and actual proposed legislation.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:27 AM


Wouldn't an interesting convention be fun? Where something actually happened? These are just vestigial ceremonies, like "hooding" graduate degree graduates. Fun, but who really cares?

I'm a real political junkie, but in my time zone, I couldn't watch without my son seeing it, too, and I'm not sure he's old enough ... to hear my comments. So I may stick to news coverage.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at June 30, 2004 10:40 PM

I feel the same way, even though I don't have a child in the household. I'm not sure I'm old enough to hear the things I say, so I won't be watching the convention coverage.

Posted by: Anne at July 1, 2004 02:41 PM