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July 26, 2004
That's What I Think, Anyhow

Too much Real Work today and I didn't get in early enough this morning to read much of the news before the phone started ringing.

Me, I think the hanging chad problem has a simple solution. Once the voter has "punched" the card for their vote, let the machine spit it out at them and let them check it to make sure it has registered their votes properly. (I.e., all "hanging" chads removed, etc.) Personally, I prefer punchcard ballots to the no-paper-trail electronic machines.

Just exactly how white are black conservative groups? (Me, I think there are conservatives of every color, age, religion, and ethnic origin. But I instinctively distrust groups formed 'specially to support major policy initiatives that I disapprove of.)

More commentary on what Bill Cosby has been saying. I think we all need to listen to him. I know parents who are struggling with the "proud to be illiterate" youth culture today, and they're not all Africa-American by any means. I see a culture of "entitled to a free ride or I'll spend the rest of my life bitching about it" all over the place these days.

A little history, a little context, a little about the oil. Darfur.

I still think we need a better way to handle legitimate protestors at conventions. I don't know what it is, but surely the location described in the article can't be the best Boston could do? Considering that protesters have been a staple function of conventions for a long, long, long time, I think it's time the cities tendering bids for conventions started making better arragements for the inevitable thousands of protesters.

Yep, the Democratic Convention is almost upon us. Is this going to be Kerry's chance to shine? We can only hope.

Another view is that Kerry is much less progressive than the others who will be showing up at the Convention, but that's not unusual.

Under the category of, "hey, cool!" we find a graph representation of each major candidate on the left-right spectrum but I'd be happier with some discussion of how the authors ranked each vote on the "left-right scale.

I'm just saying. I distrust methodology unless I'm allowed to look at it. (Not that that means I'll understand what I'm looking at, mind you.)

I read this about the 9/11 Commission before.

The commission's 10 members said they planned to team up in pairs - one Democrat and one Republican - to campaign throughout the US for the adoption of their 41 recommendations to make the country safer.

I couldn't figure out then if it was significant and I'm still not certain. I can't remember ever hearing about something like this happening before but as I've said many times, I was largely apolitical for a long, long time. Is it peculiar for members of a committee to go out on the stump like this?

Major floods in Bangladesh.

Almost half of the capital of Bangladesh was underwater on Monday after monsoon rains caused rivers in the area to burst their banks, sparking fears of an outbreak of disease in the city of 10 million.

When I get time, I'm going to google for maps of India and see if the capitol is affected by this dam.

A novel way to remove the stigma from AIDS. A beauty pageant? Well, if it works, I'd support the idea.

In the "Best Headline of the Year" category, I think I'll nominate Me Tarzan, you pre-feminist symbol of patriarchal repression. A study on the "intrinsic meaning and impact of the Tarzan films has been awarded funding from the Arts and Humanities Research" could be a waste of time but then again, maybe not.

The Hill's Front Page picture is fun today.


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