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July 27, 2004
The News

So, tonight on the way home from work I'm listening to NPR and I hear that in spite of the massive security, and warnings about possible terrorist attacks, and the much-discussed steps taken to keep protesters under police eyes at the Democratic National Convention, I hear that the police have inexplicably elected not to enforce the protest zone and the protesters are out, shouting, chanting, and whatnot, a couple of feet from the delegates passing in and out of the building.

And the cynical, paranoid-theorist part of me whispers that if there's an "incident", the Bush Administration could make good use of it. I mean, I can hear the commentators now..."How can Democrats be fit to handle security for this country if they can't even run a peaceful convention?"

And I can hear Karl Rove chuckling as he pictures the nightly news coverage of delegates, hopefully even candidates, surrounded by screaming protesters.

And I can picture the Republicans saying solemnly that they're going to do a better job with their security...and then they and the NYC police department insure that protesters are kept well out of sight so that there's no chance of catching Bush in a photo shot with any kind of protesters and there's no opportunity for any unscripted, unflattering news coverage.

Of course, I tell myself that's silly. It's not like Republicans own the police forces in New York and Boston, after all.

No doubt there's a very good reason why, in spite of much-ballyhooed security concerns, the Boston police decided not to enforce that particular restriction during this part of the Convention.

Posted by AnneZook at 06:24 PM