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August 05, 2004
United Nations News

Just because I'm interested.

Two Afghan Aid Workers Killed

An Afghan aid worker and his driver were killed by unidentified gunmen in southeastern Afghanistan in the latest attack on humanitarian agencies, which have been increasingly targeted by Islamic militants.

UN evacuates Gaza refugee staff

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees says it is evacuating all its non-essential foreign staff from the Gaza Strip.

The announcement came as the Israeli army moved to expand a large-scale operation in northern Gaza.

Annan stresses need to take security threats seriously, protect aid workers

Reflecting on the year since a terrorist's bomb destroyed United Nations offices in Iraq and killed more than 20 people, the worst attack deliberately aimed at the world body in its history, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today stressed the importance of taking seriously future threats and as well as the need for preventive measures to protect aid workers posted in dangerous parts of the world.

UN mission in Côte d'Ivoire confirms existence of mass graves

A human rights team sent to investigate gross violations during clashes between rival groups of the main national opposition party in northern Côte d'Ivoire has found three mass graves containing at least 99 bodies, the peacekeeping United Nations Operation in the West African country (ONUCI) said today.

Security Council approves UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti

No, that's not a new link. It's dated April 30. It's just that sometimes I wonder how things are going in Haiti these days. I mean, if Brazil is playing a "soccer friendly" with Haiti, one assumes a certain normality has returned to things. I mean, if they're thinking about soccer, they're not thinking revolution, right?

More seriously, since the USofA has a history of failure in Haiti, it seems we're hailing with enthusiasm Brazil's offer to head up current UN efforts. That, of course, is partly what the soccer is about, if you read the NYTimes link. It's "unconventional diplomacy." That, and the right kind of aid could make all the difference to Haiti's future.

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