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August 05, 2004
Hell Is Good for You, Say Economists

Okay, I do mock. I offered a bit of mockery upon reading that the DoD actually commissioned a study to figure out if coffee will keep you awake. And I scoffed a bit at the woman who decided to research the impact of the "Tarzan" movies on contemporary culture. I understand that finding an "original" topic to research where source material is easily available probably isn't easy these days.

But this one takes the cake.

Apparently research indicates that societies that believe in hell economically outperform those that don't believe in eternal damnation in a fiery pit.

I'm a bit confused by the apparent contradiction between this and the whole rich man, eye of a needle, get into heaven thing, but I don't really care that much. Anyhow, it was just a catchy headline. As the article makes clear, there are hellfire countries whose economies are not so good, so maybe Russia shouldn't start rounding up all the heathens and baptizing them just yet.

It was an entertaining headline, though.

Less amusingly, read this column. Wole Soyinka sounds like an inspiring man and the situation he's fighting seems to be becoming increasingly desperate.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:43 PM