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August 06, 2004
A Few Threats

Today's lunch: Chicken curry

Today's headlines: Threatening

The campaign, for instance, threatens to become the ugliest in living memory. It's nice that "some" stations have agreed to pull a political ad that's starting to look like a mass of lies, but why aren't all of them doing it? And what about this anti-Kerry book? Are we talking Republican Dirty Tricks, or is this just a bunch of amateur writers trying to make a fast buck?

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a war hero himself, denounced the ad as "dishonest and dishonorable," and pointed out a similar tactic was used against him four years ago during his contentious primary race against Mr. Bush.

I guess that's our answer, isn't it?

And Dick Meyer has a point, I think. Being "vulnerable" isn't the same thing as being "in danger." We are vulnerable. We are not in danger.

But war, and even war rhetoric, can rationalize unwise and uncharacteristic choices at home restricted civil liberties, plundered treasury, over-reaching bureaucracy, fear-mongering, and misplaced secrecy. Both the administration and the opposition party have bungled that balance; the glaring example of that is the dishonest case that was sold and bought for invading Iraq. Both sides have squandered credibility.

A good column.

I notice that the Washington Post has now changed their "featured" story to one about a teenager on a reality tv series. Good to know the reported deaths of 300 people isn't getting in the way of idiot entertainment in this country.

We all look disapprovingly at a sore loser, but what about the sore winner?

To my amazement, I sometimes find myself nostalgic for the comparatively modest ill manners of the Reagan years, when the U.S. invaded countries like Grenada and "Junk Bond King" Michael Milken was on the prowl.

Terrorism false alarm.

The man who was mistaken for a terrorist last week, prompting officials to shut down the Port of Palm Beach, was an Arab American department store owner shipping merchandise to the U.S. Virgin Islands, police said.

Apparently Saddam Hussein isn't happy with his prison accommodations and would like to be transferred to Sweden. Cry me a river, bud.

Stateless detainees get a life sentence

PEOPLE can be held indefinitely in immigration detention centres after the High Court yesterday ruled the Migration Act gave the Government that power.

In what one judge in the slim majority who found in favour of the Government described as "tragic", the court had to decide that asylum-seekers who were stateless or lacked identification could be detained forever in Australia under the law.

Looks like it's not just the Bush Administration. There seem to have been a lot of governments just waiting for someone else to be the first to announce that they plan to hold people forever without actually charging them with a crime.

I guess you have to sympathize with governments. All of those inconvenient people messing up the system all the time.

Political dating.

As if the dating game weren't hard enough already, now there's a new twist to the age-old practice of pitching woo: More singles want Mr. or Ms. Right to belong to the "right" political party as well. And a slew of new political dating websites have popped up to help people find a pool of like-minded candidates.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.

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