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August 12, 2004
Thinking of You

Dear George:

So, how ya doin' these days? Warm enough for you?

You making any money? Spending it wisely, I hope? (Anyone else making any?)

And, hey, before I forget to ask, how's that reconstruction in Iraq working for you? Not so good, huh? Bummer.

You at least winning the peace? No, you say? Hmph. I guess liberating people from scoundrels is tougher than it looks. But you're at least winning winning that overall war on 'terror' thing, right? No? (Short of good news these days, aren't you, buddy?)

(Haven't seen ol' bin Laden recently, have you? No? Maybe that rascal will turn up just before November, hmmm?)

You're not exactly Mr. Popularity these days, are you? Ah, well. It's tough all over these days.

I heard you've had a few missteps on the home front, too. Having trouble catching a break, aren't you?

How's your old buddy Tom DeLay doing these days? And Kenny Boy, how about him? You should give a helping hand to old friends now and again.

Still, reading the reports, I see Karl is coming up with some pretty creative campaign stunts. (And that money isn't a problem, but, gosh, when was it ever?)

Hey, speaking of money (and aren't we always?), anything new happening down south or is it the same old story?

Well, hope you're all staying healthy and that y'all get everything you deserve.

Democratically yours,


P.S. Look on the bright side. Maybe you'll be getting a lot of time off some day soon.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:45 PM