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November 15, 2005
Ranting, Raving, and Fainting In Coils

(Originally written as a 1/1/05 blog entry, but never posted. It's not less true today, eleven months later.)

I once read a book where a character wailed, "I don't believe in evil!" I've always remembered that.

I go back and forth on the believing in evil thing, myself, but one thing I'm sure of is that there exists a monumental selfishness so narcissistic, so complacent it its own self-love, and so blind to the reality of the world around it that it's a danger, an evil, to the rest of us.

I have tried to believe that the neocons "mean well" but are simply wrong, that the Bush Administration has good intentions but lacks the ability to follow through on their ideas properly, and that the version of "conservatism" currently dismantling our social structure sis just a natural swing of the social pendulum that balances our country.

I have made excuses, allowances, and concessions. I've always believed in compromise.

Now I know that compromise isn't always possible.

When I look at what those in power in this country have done, when I review the underlying beliefs that guide their actions, when I look at what they want to do next, no compromise is morally possible.

The Radical Right controlled Congress for half of the 90s, blocking most "liberal" legislation and pushing through a handful of destructive pieces of legislation to help them dismantle the regulatory structure that protects this country's environment and its citizens.

Before that, we had 12 years of Reagan-Bush. We've had 5 years of Bush-Cheney, certainly the worst of the bunch. That's almost 20 years of neocon effort to remake reality to fit their dreams.

They have subverted the language of democracy and the spirit of this country with a 20-year push for military and economic global domination that concentrates all power in the hands of a few.

They have bedded down with tyrants, sung the praises of monsters, and sold our birthright of liberty for a bucket full of oil.

Economically, this Administration is a disaster. Their belief in tax cuts for the rich flies in the face of historical evidence proving what makes this country's economy hum along...but they just don't care.

Their indifference to the fate of 20% or more of this country's citizens infuriates me. How can it be possible that our "system" is so broken that we can hand our country over to such amoral, antisocial men?

I constantly try to find a rational explanation for their behavior and I constantly fail.

Lowering taxes for the wealthy does not stimulate the economy; it just makes rich people richer.

Eliminating corporation regulations does not stimulate growth; it stimulates fraud.

Removing oversight and enforcement abilities from environmental agencies does not produce voluntary corporate compliance; it produces pollution.

"Tort reform" did not produce reform; it produced injustice.

Weakening workplace safety regulations produced workplace injuries.

If they actually believe the things they say, they're blind, indeed, to so constantly miss the daily proof of their miscalculations.

If they do not truly believe in the platform they present, then they must have some plan they are unwilling to expose to the glare of publicity. They may, in fact, be evil.

Either that, or they're the stupidest bunch of political amateurs we've ever had the misfortune to have in office. And everyone who voted for them is equally guilty of mindless idiocy.

I am so cranky this morning.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:08 AM