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August 19, 2004

We had some serious flooding here in Denver.


I read this and I'm pleased. It's about time we started cleaning up politics.

Of course, then I read this and I realize I'm not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for this guy to face charges.

And, speaking of potentially criminal behavior, if the FBI is, in fact, withholding hundreds of papers, photographs and videotapes that prove the FBI had some complicity in prisoner abuse, I'd personally like to know about it.

(Also, have you read this about the bridge incident?)

Redeployment again.

The Bush administration's decision to reduce the number of American soldiers stationed abroad is a belated reaction to a U.S. military deployment that has been gravely outdated since the end of the cold war, and that is poorly adapted to the current official strategic scenario. Even reduced in troop strength, the vast U.S. global military base system will remain at odds with how the world is developing.

I find all of this so interesting.

I had no idea that the anti-Republican Convention sentiment in New York City was so...organized. Certainly I think most of us experienced a certain amount of nausea when it was explained that the Convention was being held in strongly Democrat NYC and a month late to allow Bush 9/11 anniversary photo ops, but since the public outcry forced them to cancel that little piece of nastiness, I hadn't really thought that much about the Convention locale.

A weblog at The Guardian is still asking about Iraqi prisoner abuse (warning: multiple unpleasant photos) and the reports "due out soon" that, we hope, will tell us what happened.

Polls lay out the "solid" states, the "swing" states, and some thoughts about the next few months.

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