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August 19, 2004
Stuff I Felt Like Blogging

Where are the Legions?

The forces of the United States military are located in nearly 130 countries around the world performing a variety of duties from combat operations, to peacekeeping, to training with foreign militaries. Some of these deployments have existed for nearly 50 years, as in Japan, Germany, and South Korea, while other deployments have more recent origins such as the current occupation of Iraq.

It goes on to talk about where we have soldiers stationed today. Is very interesting.

I didn't know this. I mean, I new that the networks were obligated to give equal time to both major parties. They used to be obliged. They aren't any more. It's also very interesting.

If you read Engelhardt's " The imperfect media storm or George Bush and the Temple of Doom about the failures of the USofA media to adequately cover Iraq, then you'll want to read Stories Missing from U.S. Media, part two of the series.

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