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August 27, 2004
The Return

Internet access is a lovely thing, when you have it. I've become aware, over the last 24-36 hours of deprivation, of just how addicted I am to the internet. Not pretty.

Unfortunately I have a rather full meeting schedule today, so I'm not likely to be posting anything.

(One thought before I leave you...does the media keep reporting that the presidential race is, essentially, a dead heat because that's what honest polls are saying, or are they interpreting the polls that way because closer races sell newspapers and boost ratings?)

Posted by AnneZook at 07:46 AM


Bit of both, I imagine. They (and some of their listeners) finally realized that their statistical survey methods were not actually strong enough to produce definitive answers about who's ahead, so that's honest. And, as you point out elsewhere, they love to focus on "process" (yeah, I watch West Wing) stories instead of issue stories, because they are both more exciting (not really, but they think so) and safer (less likelihood of partisans coming knocking, or of coming to a conclusion which might threaten their 'objectivity').

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at August 27, 2004 12:46 PM