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November 17, 2004
Can't Stay Away

Giving up is hard to do. Just one little entry won't hurt me....

I was so impressed by this discussion of the media's contribution to, even complicity in, turning the campaign cycle into "entertainment television" instead of news reporting. (From Cursor's Derelection2004 site.) And I agree that the blame for the largely uninformed USofA population lays squarely on the so-called news media's shoulders.

Looking back on the election coverage...both from the time when I was blogging and when I went on hiatus and consequently had more time to spend thinking about what I was reading instead of reacting to it, I have to say that the press coverage of...well, of anything real, was nearly invisible. They wasted hours of television time and reams of newspaper column inches on Kerry's "stiffness" and Bush's "resoluteness" to the detriment of telling people what was actually happening.

Condi Rice. I'm happy that a woman, and a black woman, can rise to such a position of power in this country but I'm saddened that it took the downfall of a man I used to respect enormously to put her in place.

(Reading Juan Cole, I'm better-informed about Colin Powell's role in the Bush Administration and I'm inexplicably heartened to be able to believe that I can still respect him. It appears that he fought the good fight, within the terms of his own morality.)

As far as Ms. Rice herself...well...Andrew Tobias and Eric Alterman both put it well. It's nice to be a symbol of female or black success, but if you go color-blind and gender-blind and look at Rice's record, it's not reassuring.

If breaking through that particular glass ceiling is what she accomplishes with her life, then it's been worthwhile. I simply regret that this success was not, in my estimation, achieved by someone whose principles I could respect.

Powell and others insufficiently "loyal" to GWBush, those who made the mistake of putting the country's future before Dubya's friendship, are being tossed out to make room for people guaranteed not to confuse the issues with any inconvenient facts over the next four years.

I didn't respect all of those on their way out, but I certainly don't feel better aabout their replacements. GWBush&Co are building themselves quite a little entourage.

This group has nothing to worry about, Bush can't get elected again and Cheney isn't remotely suitable, so I'm anticipating a rough and ugly four years. Gonzales seems to encapsulate most of the anti-freedom forces in this country today, based on this evaluation.

Speaking of ugly.... Here's another one we can file under Mission Accomplished. It's good to be taking down those dangerous terrorists and making the world safe for plastic turkeys and other Bush Administration beneficiaries.

I've been pondering how to prevent a repeat of this year's disastrous election results. Somewhere in all the ideas for voting reform and the too-few diatribes about the media's complicity in hiding less-palatable facts and in sticking to sound-bite qualified quotes, there has to be a path. David at Orcinus is always worth reading.

So much for today's lunch...I'm beginning to think the only way I can stop blogging is to stop reading. Maybe I should try that for a month or two. See if I can break the addiction.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:15 PM