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January 13, 2005
Final: D-

The Bush Administration has failed, miserably, at every, single thing they've tried. They're going to continue to fail.

They won't be permitted to dismantle Social Security, moves are already afoot to fix the mess they're trying to make of Medicare, and across the country protests are rising against the idiocy of the No Poor Child Gets A Decent Education legislation.

And yet...they have managed to inflict serious damage.

Afghanistan is fighting a civil war against the warlords we put into power and Iraq is turning into a decades-long disaster.

Countries with just a fraction of our wealth are committing twice as much aid to the tsunami victims as we are and in the time it took you to read this sentence, children died all over the world for the lack of the help we could have offered without any of us making the tiniest personal sacrifice. Some of those children live in your town.

We've made enemies all over the world and Europe is, even as we speak, moving to push the USofA away from center-stage internationally because no one wants us in their half of the playground any more.

The future is global and we're not going to be a part of it.

USofA corporations are desperate for new markets that won't materialize because the "consumers" they need are dying of starvation. We won't be able to balance our trade deficit because the countries that might have bought from us, pouring money into our coffers, won't be able to afford the plane fare to show up at the bargaining table. We won't be able to maintain, much less improve, our own standard of living because it's predicated on ever-expanding markets for our products and people living in countries we don't already sell to are too busy dying to shop.

We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Internationally? Torture, murder, the building of new permanent "internment" camps (which, with the added bonus of ongoing torture, should probably be named what they are...concentration camps), unprovoked invasion of non-aggressive countries (They looked at us funny! Ready, aim, fire!), use of lies and forged documents to try and discredit other governments, the list goes on.

Domestically? The Right is continuing its assault on education, healthcare, retirement benefits, clean air and water, and the right to vote. Slashing funding for the EPA even as a report comes out that the Department of Defense may be a major polluter. Cutting FDA funding to the bone even as more and more reports come out detailing the potentially disastrous contaminations of our food supply and the life-threatening side-effects of "approved" medications. This Administration's idea of "fiscal responsibility" is to change Social Security from a program with about 1.5% overhead costs to one with about 20% overhead costs, while removing safeguards that insure the money will be there when the investor retires. Layers of useless and ineffective legislation are sinking the already foundering ship of public education. Voting reform is...don't even get me started.

We're quite a piece of work these days, aren't we?

Posted by AnneZook at 09:26 AM