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January 16, 2005
Color Me Amazed

I don't have a Financial Times subscription, so I couldn't access the original article, but the report that the USofA was the single largest offender in the "oil-for-food program" fraud? Surprises me not at all. Anyone who thinks the government of this country wouldn't do almost anything for oil and gas is...delusional.

I'm also unsurprised by the report that the Bush Administration has ordered the Social Security Agency to participate in its own destruction.

Nor that said Administration has already been caught telling factual lies about the situation. (You should read and consider a lot of information and opinions before deciding what you believe, but I can't recommend believing what the SSA will be telling us. And that's a shame, because most people will do just that.)

I'm still pondering over whether these suggestions to force people to save toward retirement are viable. There are unquestionably some flaws, and some things I find distasteful, but there are some good ideas there, as well.

And anyone who thinks the legal system in this country hasn't gone insane? Hasn't been following this story. I've been reading about it off and on for two or three years and I still find myself amazed. The wind blows, pollen spreads from one plant to another, and the farmer gets sued for harvesting and selling his crop.

Another North Dakota farmer, Tom Wiley, explains the situation this way: "Farmers are being sued for having GMOs on their property that they did not buy, do not want, will not use and cannot sell."

Typical. In the drive to protect "corporate rights," actual people are getting badly hurt.

Just because I'm spiteful like that, I've already gloated over the 'approval/disapproval' comparisons between GWBush and every other second-term president in the last fifty or sixty years.


I encourage you to read the analysis and discussion.

I especially encourage you to read the "Top Domestic Priorities" page and contemplate how people who cite "terror defenses" as their first priority could have voted for the Administration who has, so far, failed to do anything significant domestically to protect us against terrorist attacks.

Or the results of the survey asking people who, among USofA citizens, were going to "win" or "lose" as a resut of Bush finally being elected.


Posted by AnneZook at 10:26 AM