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January 26, 2005
Things I'd Rather Not Say

I think that disagreeing, no matter how violently, with Condaleeza Rice's politics and single-minded 'loyalty' to George Bush is not a reason to vote against her as Secretary of State. Much as I dislike the entire Bush cult of little yes-men, I find myself doubting that Congress's power to "advise" encompasses the right to vote against someone because you dislike their politics. The issue should be whether or not she's qualified to be Secretary of State. Of course, for the record, I should make it clear that I totally approve of using the nomination hearings to scold the Bush Administration, though. The White House isn't much about listening to anyone who isn't lockstepped into their mindset. These confirmations hearings are among the only times you can be sure someone is actually paying attention.

(On the other hand, if you're Gonzales, then you deserve to have your nomination fail because your devotion to working around the law instead of upholding it makes you unfit for the office you're seeking.)

I don't care about Bush's $40M inauguration, okay? His financiers donated most of the money privately and it wouldn't have gone to the troops anyhow. Why does everyone talk about that figure like it was yanked directly from the DoD's multi-billion dollar budget? Let's talk instead of about the figure the government (i.e., we, the taxpayers) paid for security for that mess. Like over $20 million shelled out by the Feds and the perennially cash-strapped DC? (Or, we could laugh about how the group who pretends they're liberating the world now have to move around inside a rocket-launcher protected 'bubble' because the world is so much worse off than it was four years ago.)

Does the figure $1.7 billion ring any bells with you? It should. Hundreds of billions of dollars ago, it was what we were told would be the USofA taxpayers' contribution to reconstructing Iraq. (Probably the Bush Administration, if they discussed it, which they won't and we don't seem to have an honest journalist left in the country who will ask directly, would say that the $300 Billion price tag we're facing so far isn't about reconstruction, it's about fighting the war. As I understand it, almost none of the "reconstruction" money seems to have been spent.)

The Bush Administration could not be happier about the massive budget deficit and the stumbling economy. Sad, but true. They're delighted. This is exactly what they need as an excuse to further slash already crippled social programs. This is exactly the excuse they need to justify more depredations on the Head Start and the FDA and the EPA and other social and environmental programs. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

They want this deficit. They want the country lumbered with a gargantuan debt for decades to come, don't you understand? Their intent is to destroy as much of the government as they can. Past Republican excesses in this line have already directly contributed to people getting hurt and they've just begun dismantling the ecology. They fantasize about a world where the government exists to maintain an army and to make sure corporations aren't prevented from making profits any way they want. And that's about all they care about. (Okay, a couple of them also want to control your sex life, but that's a different rant.)

It's like the Social Security "crisis." It's all a lie. Many people have been pointing this out for a long time. Some are still mentioning it from time to time. The reason Social Security is predicted to be unable to meet its obligations is because the government spends the money on other things.

Another "pundit" comes out of the closet and admits to taking government funds to push the Administration's agenda. But we forgive her. Apparently the $20,000+ she received just slipped her mind, as did the fact that she was paid another $20,000 to 'write a report' on the same subject for the Bush Administration. She just forgot about $40,000, that's all.

I do want to say that I applaud those people, here and there, fighting to take back control of the country from the corporations.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:24 AM