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January 27, 2005
Us and Them

Sam Rosenfeld at The American Prospect on Republican corruption in Congress. To no one's surprise, Them are a lot more corrupt than Us were. (The source Boston Globe series is excellent reading.)

What Us have to remember is that Them have never made a secret out of their lust for "strict constructionism" when it comes to law. Therefore, we can expect to find ourselves writing more and more about Gonzales-type nominees in this and future wingnut administrations unless, as Mustang Bobby suggests, the anti-American, Hey, let's not torture people! movement is really getting traction.

I'm not saying some of Us aren't hypocrites, but I haven't seen many of Us who can measure up to Them in that area.

I mean, Us do things that are wrong sometimes. Everyone does. But Us don't use quite the same scale of cover-up and payoff as Them. Nor do Us tell the kind of completely transparent lies that Them do. (Sadly, many of the Inattentive Others can't be bothered to notice these things.)

Them "stand for" other things that Us don't approve of (and almost none of which are the things Them used to stand for, when I was young, and they hadn't yet surrendered to the wingnuts). A lot of folks are trying to formulate words to describe what Us believe in. Contribute to the discussion.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:21 AM