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January 27, 2005
Scanning the News

Eric Alterman is calling on all right-wingers to reveal their professional conflicts of interest.

I think we should all do it. Fair is fair, after all. Shouldn't ask others to do what we're not willing to do, right? Let's all just stand up and make the admissions now, confess to all our conflicts of interest and behind-the-scenes influences, and get it over with.

Here's mine: I gave the Democratic Party a very small donation. They sent me a bumper sticker, and then five thousand letters, begging for more money. I estimate they spent 3 times my original donation trying to get more money out of me. Not once did they ask my opinion about anything, they just said money was the key to success and if we'd all send it to them, the world would be rosy.

I had a secret agreement with myself. If they'd ever asked what I thought should be done with the money, I'd have told them, and sent a generous donation. But they didn't.

This influenced me. I felt repeated waves of aggravation.

I'm not a Democrat. But I am a liberal.

(After the election they sent me an e-mail bragging about how fabbo they'd been in organizing grass-roots support for the party and linking to an on-line poll. I trotted over and told them, in no uncertain words, just what I thought. I didn't give them any money that time, either. I don't think they read it. They never answered me, anyhow. Moving on now....)

If you scroll down, you'll see Eric reveals his own secrets to us. People offered him money, but he said no.

This morning on the way in, I found myself gagging over an NPR clip of Dick Cheney solemnly speechifying at Auschwitz about how terrible it all was and how we ought to make sure it never happens again. I'm thinking...anyone told him about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and the half-dozen "secret" prisons our country is maintaining at the moment? Anyone explained to him that that "prison abuse story" is rapidly morphing into the poorly concealed story of a policy of secret detainments and widespread, Administration-authorized torture? Has anyone told him he's one of the bad guys? Because he's kinda old and maybe he hasn't read the reports.

I also heard a lunatic clip of Orrin Hatch pontificating about how the Hispanic population of the USofA is watching with breathless anticipation to see if Congress gets all prejudiced on poor, Alberto "Show Me The Money" Gonzales.

That's right...Hatch says a vote against Alberto "Give 'Em A Taste O'Torture" Gonzales (no matter what you call it) is racial prejudice and has nothing to do with a distaste for slapping electric wires on men's genitals.

On a closely related subject, I told you so.

In recent memory, nothing could be done without the US. Today, however, practically all new international institution-building of any long-term importance in global diplomacy and trade occurs without American participation.

I'm just saying. Australia. Think about it. Interesting country, multi-ethnic population, strategic location, etc. What's not to like?

Dick Meyers is kind of a dork. Also, I remain persistent in my refusal to be convinced by apples and oranges comparisons and he should be ashamed of himself for writing that sloppy column. I do think the original situation was ridiculously overblown, considering there are reputable scientific indications that significant biological gender differences exist in the brain, but in the absence of any similar studies about skin color, I find his comparison offensive.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:37 AM