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January 28, 2005

It was all about the oil. Color me so surprised. 100,000 civilians liberated to death by a lie so that USofA oil companies could own the rights to Iraq's oil reserves. Plus, the 'democracy' in Iraq that isn't.

We're quite a piece of work.

Make no mistake, though. We've created such a hellacious mess over there that I really do believe if the Bush Administration has sufficient guarantees of USofA oil company access to supplies, that they'd be thrilled to be asked to leave. After all, if we're asked to leave, any subsequent disasters aren't our fault, right? This would be a nice out for the Bush Administration, a tidy way to allow them to avoid fixing what they broke.

Torture. We done it. The evidence continues to mount. It's particularly ironic to have these revelations continue to appear during the week when the world remembers the liberation of Auschwitz, isn't it?

It looks like Cheney's oil company-sponsored energy task force isn't out of the legal woods yet. An appeals court is reconsidering the FOIA demand. I predict some documents will be found to have been "lost" if Cheney's office loses the appeal.

A third columnist has come out of the Administration-funded closet. Only four thousand for this guy. He must feel robbed, looking at everyone else's hauls.

And Bush has now discovered the Black Caucus. Now that he can't even rally his own party around privatizing Social Security, he's meeting with Black legislators and playing, as Paul Krugman explains a bogus race card.

Remember Zena Mahlangu? Well, ol' kingy is at it again. He's picked up new one. Actually, since Zena was wife #10 and this new one is wife #13, he's picked up quite a few new ones. (Also, remember the prosecutor who bravely took on the case of investigating Zena's reported kidnapping? He's still fighting. And while we're reading the history of this place, take a gander at how girls, but not boys, are being targeted and punished for having sex. And the king himself is an odd but interesting relic.)

Posted by AnneZook at 08:42 AM