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January 28, 2005

Avedon Carol is, as always, doing great work covering the story about reported vote fraud and campaigning for open, honest elections.

Personally, I think stories like a handful of idiots slashing tires isn't quite proof of wide-scale Democratic Party corruption, but I'd certainly be happy to see some disapproval of such behavior radiating from the Left. (Via Andrew) What I want is honest and transparent elections (or as close as we can come) for all of us.

Is DeLay trying to rearrange Congress so he can hand out favors and buy votes for an insanely expensive boondoggle? (I totally approve of space exploration, but this Mars thing is just Bush fantasizing that he's JFK. Also I'm bitterly opposed to the decision not to service the Hubble Telescope so that that money can be directed at this stupid Mars project.)

The consequences of spreading democracy. (Via Cliopatria)

Cheney embarrasses the country. I mean...what? Did the airplane lose his luggage? Or maybe no one told him that a formal ceremony required a certain formality of dress? What kind of moron decided that a ski parka and a wooly hat were how Cheney should show his respect for the dead at Auschwitz? Short of assuming his delusions extend to Holocaust Denial, I'm completely at a loss for how to understand this disrespect.

Boy Scouts stand for...fraud?

And I've thought this myself, more than once. Government officials shouldn't be able to give themselves raises unless they're also helping actually needy members of the population.

Doug at A Fistful of Euros has been talking about the EU Constitution. You don't see much about that in the USofA press, but it's a fascinating process.

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