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January 29, 2005
No Answers

Inauguration Day 2005, when the last superpower in the world took on the terrorists.

I might not have understood why "they" hated us before, but I certainly understand why they would hate us now and forever.

Ask yourself; is anyone safer today than they were before we slaughtered an estimated 100,000 Iraqi civilians? Is anyone safer now, in a world where Iraqis are looking back on Saddam Hussein's regime with nostalgia?

Is anyone safer with this?

I acquit most of the "coalition" forces of any desire at all to kill civilians. But this is war and innocent people do get killed. That's a large part of what makes war ugly. That's a large part of why no one should ever make war unless no alternative exists. It's very easy for Mr. "All I ever got was a hangover" Bush to send a few hundred thousand soldiers to Iraq. He's a clueless nitwit.

War is not about borrowing someone's flight suit or waving around a plastic turkey to a handful of carefully picked soldiers.

It's about dead people. No one wanted them dead, but we chose make war, optional war, and the people died. Children died. Their mothers died. Their fathers died. And for what?

So we could destabilize the Middle East and wrap our hands around Iraq's huge oil reserves.

I just...I'm at a loss. I can think of no way on earth any sane person could justify this course of action to themselves.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:39 AM


They don't. They rationalize it with fairy dust and leprechaun's gold. The scariest thing for me is not the war, the dead or the danger that's been increased. It's realizing that over half of the voting population is living in a complete fantasy world where merely saying something is all it takes to do something, and if you don't acknowledge something it doesn't exist.

Man, it sucks to lose that naiveté.

Posted by: Hal at January 30, 2005 09:29 AM

I guess you have'nt noticed all of those voting over there dancing in the streets. I guess you have'nt noticed that they under fear of being killed by the terrorists still went to the polls in greater amounts(percentages of publis) then we do in America!

They are now on a long road to trully being free for the first time. thanks to over 1300 brave american soldiers who died to make this happen.

Yes war is awful. Look at all the brave men and woman who died to make us free so that I and you can speak out without fear of losing our lives as it was ober there under Saddam.

Don S.

Posted by: Don at January 30, 2005 01:10 PM

You know, I'm just way underimpressed. After the debacle of the staged statue-toppling when we invaded Baghdad, I'll wait for the rest of the story this time around.

Yes war is awful. Look at all the brave men and woman who died to make us free so that I and you can speak out without fear of losing our lives as it was ober there under Saddam.

A) Tell that to the hundreds of men of Middle-Eastern descent who are locked up without charges or legal counsel here in the USofA. Tell that to the men in Abu Ghraib...that they're better off being tortured by the West.

B) That's an invalid argument anyhow. The fact that soldiers (and civilians) fought and died in the Revolutionary war does not somehow confer Freedom Fighter status on our troops for all time.

Also? Thinking you should examine the difference between a population that rises up against perceived injustices by their government and another country deciding to invade.

Posted by: Anne at February 2, 2005 01:32 PM