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February 03, 2005
Browsing the 'Net

The whole "turn your back on Bush" thing meant something.

(While you're over at Newsday, check out Paul Vitello's price list for selling his media support for Rightwingnut causes. His pricing is very reasonable.)

I, and anyone else interested in the degeneration of the media, specifically the New York Times in this country probably need to read My Times, by John Hess. A discussion of the man and the book.

An unfriendly (to Bush) but telling review of a Bush 1/14/05 "chat" with journalists.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. (Well...smile, too. But not too much...because another Bush presidency is on the minds of those in charge of the Right wing.)

Let's hear a cheer for permalinks.

I r a q = Vietnam. Bush = Nixon. The parallels aren't exact, but there are increasing similarities.

A really big difference, of course, is that Nixon inherited his war (although his in-office problems stretched far beyond that). Bush went out looking for a disaster.

Some other links worth reading:

The Axis of Oil

New Papers Suggest Detainee Abuse Was Widespread by Jeffrey Smith and Dan Eggen

Locked in Abu Ghraib, by Fred Kaplan

Doctors and the war on terrorism, bmj.com

The Pinochet Principle: Bush Defends Torture in the Name of National Security

Invisible Soldier by John Tarleton

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida, by Thom Hartmann

Iraq, the Press and the Election, By Michael Massing

2004: Things to Forget by Arianna Huffington

Critics Say Mysterious New U.S. Spy Program Endangers National Security

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