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February 03, 2005
Still Browsing

State of the Union. Not a unanimous win by any standards.

I apologize to Josh Marshall for saying we should wait to hear the Bush Administration's plan for Social Security before criticizing it. Turns out, as I should have expected, they don't actually have a plan. (If I were that incompetent at my job, I'd get fired.)

Seriously. I think they're afraid, don't you? They know whatever plan they will put out there will be criticized (all the more so because they're "fixing" a "crisis" that's largely imaginary with vague 'solutions' that are largely destructive) and they can't take the heat. This way, no one can point a finger at Bush or anyone specific and say, "he is wrong." Because none of them are actually saying anything. Bush is not taking ownership but he rarely does. After all, he's a CEO, not a leader.

And, still seriously, it's not usual for a president to be booed during the SoTU, okay? Is this a measure of how frustrated Congressional Democrats are? Of how hard it is for them to get their voices heard in what should be the normal course of bipartisan business?

Oil-for-Food was riddled with fraud. What amazes me is reading this like it's "new news." Are we pretending we never knew this before?

Tsunami victims. Don't forget.

Democracy under attack. Me, I'd say the investigation is the "frivolous" part of the equation, wouldn't you? What's at issue here isn't who won, it's whether or not voters were able to vote, and their votes were accurately counted.

Maureen Dowd on George Bush and men's nipples makes a good rant, but there's not much new there.

What's up with Norway, anyhow? Nettavision hasn't updated its English-language website since 12/31. Did they decide to stop maintaining it without warning us?

It's nice to have the job market back where it was Before Bush but what the article doesn't mention are the new workers who entered the workforce in the last four years. Getting back to where we were before this Administration started trying to dismantle the country isn't really that special, is it? I mean...just think of how robust the economy could be now if the robber barons weren't in charge.

I know I've mentioned this before, but it's an on-going story. Worry about the world's water supply. Not environmental pollution, no. Corporation pollution. They're determined to own it...and if you don't behave (and pay up), you're not getting any.

Heh. I have the day off, can you tell? I'm a blogging maniac today.

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