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February 03, 2005
Old and New

A Fistful of Euros takes a tour back through their '04 archives and pulls up some things I didn't see before. France-bashing as a feminist issue was a good post. So was the one that started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and wound up with that dangerous Islamic weapon, the head scarf.

And I was wondering when someone would just stand up and say this. We Already HAVE Private Accounts.

Iraqi elections. I'm still waiting for the rest of the story.

Oscar Chamberlain says we should think first, blog later. (I'm happy to be insignificant.)

Via Eric Alterman, check out the Washington Post post-SoTU, on-line discussion.

The money quote:

Washington, D.C. [poster]: Anything he said strike you as objectively untrue?

Robert G. Kaiser [Washington Post Associate Managing Editor]: Yes.

Let's pause for a moment to savor that moment.

And then, because it's the right thing to do, the rest of the answer:

Bush often describes a world whose features are all highly debatable, if not simply invented. He proposes “a comprehensive health care agenda” that will leave perhaps 50 million Americans without health insurance. Is that comprehensive in any meaningful sense? He promises big economic benefits from legal changes, “tort reform,” that independent economists say cannot have more than a small economic effect even if enacted, which is not likely. He promises to increase the size of Pell Grants, not noting that they have shrunk far below the level he promised when he came into the White House. He proposes to reduce American dependency on foreign supplies of energy, when independent specialists say that as long as we need oil, we will be heavily, and increasingly, dependent on foreign suppliers. Bush spoke of a free and sovereign Iraq as though all was well there, but Iraq is a country in terrible straits, with most uncertain prospects. Bush didn't invent the rosy scenario approach to politics, of course. There's a lot of tradition behind this kind of wishful rhetoric.

And I stand (well, sit) corrected. I said it's not unheard-of for presidents to be booed during the SoTU. I must have been suffering from short-term memory loss. Of course Republicans treated Clinton a lot worse. No matter what it is... in recent years Republicans have always been the worst. (Note: I do not endorse the naughty language at the link. Surely we can all find invective more creative than four-letter words?)

Juan Cole is very amusing today.

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