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February 08, 2005
Linkless Blogging

Okay, so, last night I'm driving home and listening to NPR and they're interviewing some conservative, I've already forgotten who, on Bush's budget and he's defending the massive cuts in domestic programs. And he says he can defend this budget to his constituents because he'll just tell them that the same way they, the constituents, "take care of your own house" the government has to take care if its fiscal house.

And I'm thinking...I don't know a lot of people who take the money needed for their aged relatives or healthcare for their kids or housing assistance for their poorer relatives, and give it to their rich friends.

So, you know, lying right from the start.

And then I'm listening to the list of programs getting massive cuts and those not.

Like...crop subsidies, which are taking a reported 30% hit. And I'm wondering if all those 'little people' in Red farming communities around the country are hearing this. The report says, "farms and ranches" and I know the ranching community has been a big Bush-booster over the past four years. They came out strong for him in November. I wonder if they're liking the bargain they got?

(I'm also wondering just where these subsidy cuts are coming in? Are they cutting tobacco subsidies? Because I wouldn't mind that, but my understanding is that the cuts are across the board, on pretty much all crops.)

I'm hearing a sound-bite of Bush saying he's cutting funding for programs that don't work and he thinks the people affected will understand because, after all, if something doesn't work, you have to start asking yourself, why something doesn't work.

He doesn't sound any smarter as time goes on, does he? (Note: I did a bit of casual searching this morning and I see the quote was cleaned up for the print media. If the so-called liberal media is afraid to do anything else, the least they can do is to report exactly what the man says and let people hear for themselves, okay?)

The report also said that the White House announced that the programs getting cuts were those that weren't successful. Which isn't true, or that mess of "Homeland Security" wouldn't be getting a boost. (But the part of it that beefs up local security forces, actual first-responders in communities, that's getting a cut.)

And the invasion of Iraq? Well...maybe he was telling the truth there. He put no money in the budget for that. (Seriously...that's just dishonest.)

But what about the Hubble telescope? A success by anyone's standards, but it's getting nothing.

There's stuff in there about wholesale power rates. The bottom line is that rural communities will almost certainly take a big hit. Once again, I find myself wondering if those who were deluded into voting for Bush are feeling any trepidation right about now?

And then there's Amtrak, again. Subsidized public transportation is always a big target for those who don't need it.

And, of course, education. Vocational training, after-school programs, and other things are getting cut. Testing isn't exactly getting cut. Schools will get some money for whatever programs they've created to teach children to test out of the No Child Needs An Education requirements. Not so much for actually teaching them things that will help them get jobs and support themselves in the future.

Programs to cut or monitor environmental pollution, especially water pollution? Cuts.

Medicaid? Cuts.

Oh, and let's not forget healthcare for veterans. Those returning from Iraq will no doubt be pleased to discover that they're going to have to pay more for their healthcare. (No movement on that proposal to increase the death benefit for soldiers killed in action, though. Soldiers aren't a Bush priority.)

And that's all I have time for. I'm really frantically busy at the office this week (no time for proofreading, I hope this isn't full of weird typos), but I have to say I agree with Nancy Pelosi's first response to this so-called "budget proposal." This is a hoax.

Has to be.

I mean, not even the people who took a projected massive budget surplus, collected from the payroll taxes of working people and handed it to the rich as a reward for owning stock would really shaft their actual voting base this way, right?

Posted by AnneZook at 08:53 AM