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February 11, 2005

But...I was just kidding!

Who knew this would inspire someone with power to actually stand up and say, Hey?

The nub:

Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Ms. Slaughter, said: "This is a guy who could not get credentialed by the House or the Senate press galleries, and yet managed to get into the White House and question the president" and have access to a top-secret document.

That's quite a nubbly nub, as such things so. Very...to the point.

I'm nearly speechless, so unused am I to the sight of our elected officials calling a lie a lie.

Gosh...maybe the next thing we know, people of high moral values all over the country might stand up and mention, very politely, that they'd just as soon not go down in history as the generation who gave the okey-dokey to torture.

(At least, those focusing on the whole democracy/rule of law/Geneva Conventions stuff might. The wingnuts, of course, are still too busy stroking each other into a frenzy with descriptions of what other people do in bed to worry about what crimes their government commits behind the scenes.)

(Okay. That was sort of bitter, but I have a headache today and I am just so not in the mood. Seems like every site I wind up at is talking about gay marriage and how evil everyone things it is, and I'm really sick of people who are so busy trying to legislate against love that they don't have the time, interest, or energy to legislate against anything worth eradicating.)

Posted by AnneZook at 01:56 PM