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February 11, 2005

Hallburton must be thanking its checkbook lucky stars that it has friends in the White House these days. (Not only that, but the DoD changed their minds and they're going to keep paying Halliburton in spite of the multiple reports of money squandered, invoices inflated, and other signs of gross mismanagement in Iraq.)

From ThePoorMan, I got to this and saw:

Department of Justice

State Criminal Alien Assistance Program      Status: Results Not Demonstrated

Not demonstrated? The way I understand it, the state of...either Arizona or New Mexico, all on its ownsome was asked to hold (without due process) about 3000 men who had the misfortune to have brown skins after 9/11.

Making us all safe from...whatever it was arresting innocent bystanders was supposed to make us safe from.

Anyhow, I'd say that's a darned successful program, wouldn't you?

Or maybe the success of the program is "not demonstrated" since the state in question, getting tired of waiting, submitted another invoice here recently, demanding that the Bush Administration pay up for the costs? Over a hundred million, if memory serves, is still outstanding.

Still. The 2005 budget figure inches upward, so they won't be starved for money for paying for the incarceration of thousands of people who haven't committed any crimes.

And what's this all about:

Department of State

Non-Security Based Capital Construction Program       Status: Effective

      (2004 "actual" funding) 64       (2005 "enacted" funding) zip

Okay...so this program is effective...so Bush erased the funding for it? We dig deeper...and find there's a very similar program administered by the DoD. So, we strip power and authority from State and hand it to the men with the missiles.

Of course.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mission and Science Measurement Technology       Status: Moderately Effective

      (2004 "actual" funding) 459       (2005 "enacted" funding) zip

Now I gotta go figure out what that program was.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:12 PM