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February 15, 2005

Paying columnists out of government funds and sitting by happily while said columnists publish columns praising us to the skies? We've all agreed it's naughty.

What about paying columnists out of campaign funds? What about if it's Democrats this time and even the sketchy details you read in this article smell a bit?

In his editorials, Wesson praised Cleaver, defended him against allegations that a state agency did not follow its own regulations when it loaned Cleaver $80,000 [....]

The story "broke" in October but it didn't hit the national news until the big-dollar conservative payola was revealed. But that doesn't really matter. Wrong is wrong.

And, speaking of wrong. Missile defense. I heard an interview on NPR last night with a defender of the program, insisting that all of these test failures aren't what they seem. He says there's nothing wrong with the basic physics, it's just that minor computer glitches or tiny parts in a system of a thousand complex interacting tiny parts fail to work. Missile defense doesn't fail, just the...well, the missile defense part of it.

Look, guys. Missile Go Boom! is something we mastered decades ago. The fact that your missiles would go Boom! if you could get them to launch or, you know, find the target, does not impress me. Especially not with a multi-billion dollar price tag. It's impractical, unnecessary, and dangerous. I'm sorry North Korea is giving you brand-new nightmares, but you shouldn't have started calling names and invading non-aggressive countries. You broke it. You fix it. Without the Boom!, if you please.

The entire world has too much boom! already. (Although I notice that the Google News search for the Exhibition o'Death reveals that remarkably few USofA news outlets are interested in the story. I also notice that Iraq's one representative is not from their government.)

Not even the IDEX website allows you to see what corporations were among the 900+ that are attending.

Voting. Transparent, verifiable voting systems, that's what we need. It matters who won or lost, yes, but it matters just as much that the process be honest.

And while we're working on being an upstanding, honest, open democracy again, can we please knock it off with the torture? Find out who approved it, punish them, and make it clear that USofA citizens do not approve. (P.S. We don't need new legislation. We got legislation. We need a government that obeys the law.)

Naked streets? It's a new concept to me, but I do understand the theory it's built on. It's just that, as someone who is a frequent pedestrian for the enjoyment of walking on a nice day, I doubt I'd feel comfortable without a clearly established "right of way." I've come too close to getting run over by drivers who assume the own the crosswalks and sidewalks as well as the road and that an intersection without a light or painted crosswalk is tantamount to a racetrack.

(Speaking of naked? Me, I thought other things ought to be more naked, but I've been convinced otherwise.)

Some days, it feels like I spend hours, sitting on hold and scanning the news headlines.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:40 PM