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February 17, 2005
Good Grief

Negroponte? *

What are they thinking?


Why don't we just go ahead and change the USofA's country motto now and get it over with?

       In Death Squads We Believe

We could even add a coda.

       Obey or die

I mean...this guy.

Okay...it just happened.

The exact moment when I finally stopped believing that the Bush Administration actually does mean well.


* While we're chatting, let me mention that I do remember the summer of 2001 when Negroponte (Negroponte!) was first nominated (Nominated! Negroponte!) by the Bush Administration to oversee the carnage in Iraq.

I was appalled but still in my largely pre-political phase. (I.e., disgusted with "politicians" and their dishonesty...not, at that time, understanding how much of my anger should have been directed at the media. But that's another rant and I'm really short on time today.) You might not remember the occasion because the national media, as is their habit,** were all too busy following, nay creating a sex-and-murder story where none existed. Remember? Remember Condit?


** Well...let's be honest. The national media doesn't actually "make a habit of it', no. Not always.

I mean, any such story might get some coverage, eventually, if people demand to know about the story, but if the target is gay and conservative, not so much with the months and months of inflammatory headlines.

(It's like there's some kind of weird media conspiracy of silence whenever the words "gay man" and "Bush Administration" might come up in the same sentence, you know? The national media should be all over the idea that a poorly vetted "journalist" was allowed to make free with White House access, but they're all quaking in corners.)

(Okay...most of the above might be unfair. Not the stuff about John "Brown Humans Ain't Got No Rights" Negroponte, but some of the rest of it. I think I'm getting sick. I'm very cranky today.

Negroponte! I'm not sure I could be more appalled if I wanted to be.)

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