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February 17, 2005
More calmly

Embattled blogger in Tulsa seeks support. Michael Bates nees help in spreading the story of attempted intimidation.

Tort reform targets the poor.

Always remember and never forget. WMD? Imaginary.

(Negroponte. Sheesh.)

The story is still "Gannongate" instead of "Talongate." As far as Gannongate goes, the question is still out there. Is the Bush Administration that venal, or that stupid?

Maureen Dowd's in a snit over the Gannon/Guckert thing. No one loves a switcher, Mo.

Joking aside, she's quite accurate in her assessment. If there's a line being blurred between professional journalists and shills, it's the White House blurring it. No one is confused about what a blogger is or where they fit into the "news" pyramid. Anyone else wants to start up a "professional" journalism organization and staff it with...whoever they want to staff it with, they're within their rights. I'm just saying. Used to be that the "White House Beat" was something an organization (and a journalist) earned through years of professional (journalistic) effort.

(Allow me to take a moment to made rude gestures in the direction of the "White House Press Corps" who should have smelled this rat and exposed it long ago.)

A blog I don't often read, The Rude Pundit puts some perspective on it. "Here's why it matters...."

Yeah, I tried the actuarial calculator and yeah, I lose just over $1500/year under the Bush plan. I don't think anyone today has any idea what the final outcome on Social Security "reform" will be. There's no way the original Bush proposal would make it through Congress. He's already offering tentative amendments. I'm not saying give up the fight...we need to keep the heat on, no doubt, but get set for the long haul.

(Negroponte? How on earth....)

And more on that "acts with genocidal intent" but not genocide story in the Sudan.

Burka would be funny today if the nominees under discussion weren't so very insane. Priscilla Owns is covered in Bushwhacked and is, topically, the source of so many insane legal decisions that...well, read the book. Or Google around to read for yourself how the woman is too much of an extremist even for Alberto TortureMemosRUs Gonzales.

Sometimes I want you to go read something just because whatever it is made me think. How Bambi fought the Viet Cong.

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