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March 04, 2005

Over Social Security "reform" at the moment.

Via Josh Marshall.

Josh is chatting about how the Right's alarmist rhetoric about Social Security is nothing new and they're just repeating things they've been saying for years and years.

Possibly he and others objecting to this retread of never-proven and never-fulfilled claims are missing the real point.

The 1936 Republican platform: "Society has an obligation to promote the security of the people, by affording some measure of protection against involuntary unemployment and dependency in old age. The New Deal policies, while purporting to provide social security, have, in fact, endangered it ...the [trust] fund will contain nothing but the government's promise to pay ... [and is] unworkable."

Nothing but "the government's promise to pay" is the key phrase.

First, upon what do they base this unspoken assumption that our government, after having incurred this obligation, will some day decide to blow We-the-People off? Are they living in some fantasy world where the government could just tell the voting population, "hey, no money back on the money we took from you" and continue to operate?

Upon what do they base the assumption that the government would want to do this?

And if this is really their fear, why don't they make the "trust fund" a real trust and stop taking the money and spending it elsewhere?

And am I the only one noticing that by trying to force the phase-out of Social Security, the Bush Administration is making one more key move in the attempt to nearly bankrupt the federal government so as to prevent it from legislating or administering social programs, environmental programs, worker protection programs, and anti-discrimination programs, or does everyone else understand this so well it doesn't seem to need mentioning?

Because it's not really a Trust Fund when the government takes the funds and spends them to support itself, which is what happens. If that income stops...the programs it pays for stop. Or, if they can cut off enough other sources of revenue, your Social Security taxes will have to be used for bombs-n-bullets instead of food and shelter.

(Also? I wonder how Congress, a body that's awarded itself raises five times in the last seven years and lives on a diet of aides and secretaries and assistants and chauffeured cars and expensed vacations and postage-paid campaign and re-election flyers, not to mention pork to toss to the voters back home, can face the prospect of a nearly bankrupt federal government without nightmares?)

Yes, I'm back on the diet and I'm cranky. But that doesn't make the ill-defined, carefully fuzzy Bush Administration "plan" for Social Security any less suspect.


P.S. I think it's obvious. The dolphins beached themselves in a protest against our toxic pollution in their environment.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:46 PM