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March 06, 2005
Don't Let the Door Hit You....

Turmoil in the DLC is good for those of us on the Left.

In fact, the dissolution of the DLC would be welcomed, by myself at least, with cheers.

They do not "lead" us in any sense of the world. Self-nominated career politicians surrounded by those who make a living from...serving politicians? These are not who our leaders should be.

The problem, as I've probably said before, with career politicians and those who make a living from political campaigns is that they lose sight of reality. They become too immersed in the world of campaign rhetoric and start believing that the bottom line is winning in November. So...they do whatever they have to, to win.

If you're making widgets, then closing a sale on a multi-year contract is a business triumph. Of course, if you fail to deliver your widgets, the contract will be cancelled and you'll be sitting in an empty factory. That is as it should be. It's the cycle of business, where the law protects those who have been wronged (i.e., your widget customer).

But politics is not like making widgets. If politicians lie to us, we can't fire them. At least, not before their terms run out. If they fail to deliver on the implicit contact, we can't get out of it early.

Heck, unlike in real business, there aren't even any checks and balances to force them to tell us the truth about whether or not our widgets are actually in production. Transparency in governing is essential but Washington has decided we're too stupid, or too untrustworthy to be told what's actually happening every day. (Either that, or a lot of them are too ashamed of what they're doing day-in and day-out to want us to see it.)

You can't treat politics like a business. The point isn't winning campaigns.*

My apologies to those on the Left, and those on the Right, while I'm at it, but that's the bottom line. What matters isn't what political party you belong to. What "insiders" clubs you get invited to join. Which cocktail parties you get an invite to. Getting your picture taken in the Rose Garden. All of the other stupid 'perks' that you think are so important. That's precisely the sort of attitude that started the move for term limits, okay?

Politics is not a business.

What matters is the customer and, brace yourself for a surprise here, Halliburton is not your customer. The 100,000 or whatever employees of Halliburton are and they're entitled to be treated as such.

That means that, yes, the health of the business that employs them is important. But it means a lot more. It means that while their paycheck is important, it's equally important that the government prevent Halliburton from dumping toxic waste into the local water supply. Those employees and their children are entitled to clean drinking water. It means that while their paycheck is important, it's equally important that there be laws, rules, and regulations to prevent Halliburton from mistreating those workers on the job. Safe working conditions, regulated hours, meal and rest breaks, equal pay for equal work, and all of those other Leftist frivolities we all take so much for granted.

The DLC backed Clinton, yes. They didn't elect him.

The media-fueled, Right-wing foaming at the mouth hysteria over his sex life merely disgusted me with the media and the Right.

Clinton wasn't a liberal, but he was more liberal in reality than he was allowed to be in office. (In some ways.)

In fact, he was rather centrist and I think that, after 12 solid years of Neo-con fantasy, a centrist was best for the country. Had it not been for those same Neo-cons going mental when their guy failed to win re-election, well....little, black dress would still be a fashion staple and not grungy code for the kind of sex that the Right fantasizes about when locked in their dark, little closets.**

John Kerry? The main reason he's not in the White House at this moment is a lack of courage. Okay...he's not a radical liberal. He's more of a Clinton-style centrist. But if he'd had the courage to say, "yes, I'm a liberal and I'm damned proud of it" that probably would have garnered him an easy half-million votes.

When and if John Edwards decides to run in '08? I hope he shows more courage. But we can help. Between now and '07 (the official "start" of the campaign cycle) we need to take back the word.

And, somewhere along the way, it would be nice to take back the Party.


* Don't start with me.

No, the purpose is not winning campaigns. It's winning them right.

By honestly offering what will honestly do people good. Or by having the courage to do things which might hurt in the short run but which will benefit us all in the long run, like curbing energy usage or forcing clean water standards on your employer.

All people are not as selfish or stupid as you think. The country is filled with rational adults who make hard choices in their personal lives every, single day. They do not lose this ability at the ballot box.

If you think winning means being a paler reflection of the opposition, then you're a part of the problem. If you think getting in to office at any price, can be "made up for" later, you're on the slippery slope and part of you knows it.

All of those reported Liberals who haven't bothered to vote in a long time? Would come back out of the woodwork for an open and avowed liberal candidate.

** Yeah, okay, I know. But I refuse to shut up about it. What is it with the Right's obsession with sex?

Posted by AnneZook at 02:43 PM


Loved your blog on the DLC. Check out my website when you get a chance.

Posted by: Leutisha at March 7, 2005 05:38 PM

** Yeah, okay, I know. But I refuse to shut up about it. What is it with the Right's obsession with sex?

This merely a distraction from the real issues. (So What else is new?) Whom is bedding whom is too trivial to be bothered about. It's whom is fleecing whom and, who is doing the fleecing that's significant. Also who is getting fleeced and what harm results.

As long as triviality is made important the real issues get ignored.

Posted by: Davida at March 12, 2005 08:44 PM