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March 12, 2005
Stats Report

I'm at peace with the fact that I'm probably the only person who finds these entertaining.

First, either I've become astonishingly popular in the EU, or that's where all the spam has been coming from. Hits from the EU are, for the first time, outpacing hits from the US. By about 20%, in fact.

(I am, as always, skeptical about the numerical portion of the stats page. I cannot fathom that I'm as popular in Romania as this program suggests.

But then, I tend to distrust the numbers in statistics reports, anyhow. I mean, any report that suggests this blog is getting 40,000+ "hits" a month, is patently absurd. Undoubtedly this has much to do with those spam pings, but now that I'm all Blacklist-enabled, I expect to see the numbers coming closer to reality.)

Most popular page? A book discussion. The New Politics of Consumption (by Juliet Schor). (But why? Did some teacher assign this as homework recently? No. Politics of Consumption wasn't number one on the search list. In fact, it looks as though the hits are coming in via permalink. But almost 4,000 of them? What's up with that? So many things in life are a mystery to me....)

Search phrases! Always my favorite.

1. As always, the books stay near the tops 0f the referral lists. "True Believer" was this month's hottest. (I hate to think of the disappointment of those searchers.) (Least popular book searched? It Looks Like A President. Y'all are missing a bet. It's short, for those of you with little time. And it was hysterically funny in that "painfully true" sort of way.)

2. I supposed I've probably blogged about the KKK and "hate speech" although possibly not together. Always a good topic to consider, though.

3. "Wouter Bassoon" continues to be a top seller on the search list. (Last month, Zena Mahlangu topped the list. She does, frequently.)

4. I have no idea what "pongamia pinnata" is much less why someone would want to find "research" on it.

5. Another offering was, "what is budget and what is it saying to you" and I have to continue to insist that if your search query is incomprehensible to a human being, you probably don't have it phrased right for a computer program.

6. And to the person searching for, "write a memo to all the staff informing them of the exercise regime which begin on the 20 of December"? You're asking for a lot. Write your own memos.

7. Another wanderer in the wilderness asks us plaintively, " how do you get rid of the habit of saying just kidding?????//" First, how do you pronounce "//"? (Or, for that matter, "?????"?) Second? There's no magic. Just stop saying it. Ask a friend to tell you every time they hear it come out of your mouth. (Preferably a friend you'd like to lose, as you're going to become very annoyed with them very shortly.)

8. Dear "hmmm understands": See (5) above.

9. In the category of Most Intriguing Search Phrase, we have: "conservatism is incompatible with democracy prosperity and civilization in general. it is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world."

10. In the category of Most Mysterious, we have a tie between "edean amador" and "harbinger realignment"

11. And, finally, to the person who searched for, " sexy zook"? Thank you.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:36 PM


"pongamia pinnata" is a tree. A very useful tree according to the article I found.

Posted by: Dail at March 14, 2005 07:57 PM