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March 11, 2005
Late-afternoon Links

Modern warfare.

I called. A bunch of other people must have done the same. I'd barely started talking before I was interrupted with the information that they would pass along my request. First, I hadn't actually made a request. Second, don't you think they'd at least try and determine if I was a voter/a citizen of this country/for the announcement or against it/or something? I have to assume they've been swamped.

I've been staring at Orgnet.com during my last five "hold breaks." There are people doing some totally cool things on-line these days. (Via Jesus' General, the strangest, funniest site I haven't yet made up my mind to link to.)

From Professor Kim (who has interesting thoughts on the subject), I learned that racism is alive and well in some people's hearts and souls.

You know what this looks like to me?

The Pentagon investigated the Pentagon and found that the Pentagon hadn't gone wrong.

Which is, in fact, what they're saying.

It's important to consider the protests over the impropriety of assigning junior officers to investigate senior officers.

Beyond that, it was undoubtedly outside the scope and authority of the investigators to dig into if or how the CIA might have gone wrong.

I think the bottom line that rational, honest people understand is that someone either ordered the prisoner abuse or let it be known that such abuse was 'desired' in order to 'soften up' the POWs (for POWs they are, no matter what fancy semantic dancing you do) and the soldiers responded.

And I think most of us understand also that we're being told that it's none of our business who it was.

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