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March 21, 2005

Outsourcing hits the news...but not in the way you think.

Writers' strike

Reuters' U.S. journalists on byline strike over outsourcing, exec raises.

Interestingly enough, when you read read the actual story, there's no mention of the issue.

Googling around to learn more, I found the story on Motley Fool (registration required) and dated August 13, 2004.

On Monday, Reuters said it would do away with as many as 20 editorial jobs in the U.S. and Europe -- the positions could be eliminated by layoffs, attrition, or not filling open jobs -- and replace them with between 40 and 60 new jobs in India.

I don't know why the CBS Marketwatch teaser mentioned the outsourcing but didn't cover it. Possibly it got cut for space or whatever.

Anyhow. Could be worse, I guess. They could work at the Beeb.

Brutal cuts involving the loss of 2,050 jobs - more than 400 in the newsroom - were unveiled at the BBC today, with unions branding the day the 'worst in the history' of the corporation.

Personally, I'm more upset by the BBC cutbacks. I don't know of another news organization in the world that offers the breadth and depth of news coverage that they do and the news division is taking a major hit.

With that, I have to apologize and say I have another frantic week ahead of me, so blogging will be light-to-nonexistent.

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