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March 22, 2005
I Know You Already Saw This

But just in case....

Billmon, over at the Whiskey Bar on invading Iraq. And don't miss his link to his 2003 entry, Geography Is Destiny.

(As far as that goes, the imagery in these two pictures is worth contemplating.)

The So-Called Liberal Media myth takes another hit with this exposure of CNN's attempt to create conflict where none exists. (Thanks to CanadianCynic.)

If you missed the EditorandPublisher discussion of the comments of reporters who were in Iraq during the "war" then you should remedy that.

A sample of quotes (not chosen for sensationalism):

“In general, coverage downplayed civilian casulaites and promoted a pro-U.S. viewpoint. No U.S. media showed abuses by U.S. military carried out on regular basis.”

Color me so surprised.

“The bombing of civilian areas around Iraq.”

Probably only those of us who get our news from a variety of international sources had any idea how common this was.

“The human cost of the war has been routinely omitted from most U.S. broadcasts. The American people has definitely not gotten the entire picture of the war's devastation and the infernal conditions in Iraq today as a result of the our invasion.”
“We have heard, second-hand, that our corporate president has told producers to keep Iraq war coverage ‘positive.’"

I'm sure this happened in some (but not all) organization.

To my mind, the most telling quote:

“Our news organization failed to subject the administration’s various allegations to sufficient scrutiny and continues to do so. I believe this is primarily because it reflects -- and does not challenge -- the positions of those in power. The absence of opposition from elected officials in Washington created a vacuum and our organization, like many others, completely failed in its responsibility to challenge the assertions of the White House. (Emphasis: mine)

What they have to say is worth considering. It's not just Iraq (as I've said over and over), it's about war. As long as the vast majority of our population doesn't really understand what the words "war zone" actually mean, this will persist.

On the other hand, if it's Iraq we're talking about, certainly the debate about whether or not the media has been covering for the Bush Administration continues.

The U.K., although fighting with us, offered more honest coverage to their citizens.

And, while I'm already annoying some people: From Abu Ghraib to promotion.

I look forward to the USofA's media coverage of the proposed changes at the U.N. A headline we probably won't see much here? US can't go it alone.

I close (but do not slam) the door in the face of people who disturb my day trying to pitch me on joining them in superstition. At the same time, I accept that face-to-face conversation is the single best way to convert anyone from one position to another. (I especially agree with this article. The answer is not for the Left to change what it believes. It's to explain what it believes. " What profit a party if it gain a majority and lose its soul?")

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