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March 28, 2005
Monday's Handful of Headlines

I hope we're not heading for another massive tsunami.

The Faces of Prostitution. It's not a victimless crime.

In some places, it's far from victimless. But you don't see a lot of outraged headlines in the USofA about it, do you?

War may once again be threatening in the Côte d'Ivoire

The USofA today. What a wonderful nation. The kind of nation where you can be kept in prison even when the "evidence" says you're innocent.

And where Big Brother is watching, no matter what soothing lies they tell you.

Journalism under attack again.

And journalists learn that foreign affairs matter (although people really do need to take it upon themselves to be a little less clueless about the world outside our borders).

Some of us begged the national voices of the Democratic Party to stand up against war before over a hundred thousand people died. But it's not too late.

And a near-riot in Iraq ends in death.

CEO pay is a topic of continuing, albeit rather casual, interest to me. For instance, how about a CEO whose "salary" is $2,000,000 ($2M) annually but who actually winds up receiving $28,500,000 ($28.5M)?

This astronomical sum includes $2.2M for the "forgiveness" of a percentage of a loan his corporation made when they hired him.

That's right. It was, essentially, a $10,000,000 ($10M) hiring bonus, but if they put it in the terms of a "loan" he doesn't have to pay the same taxes on it. I'm not sure what tax shelter allows them to "forgive" him 20% of the principle plus the accumulated interest every year for five years (until the "loan" is "paid off") but I'm fairly certain that, whatever it is, it's not available to me to play tax shenanigans with.

Nor, I suspect, are any of Home Depot's estimated 300,000 employees able to take advantages of such things.

It's not even real, is it? Twenty-eight million dollars. For one year.

Home Depot, I should point out, is one of those company's whose employment practices always seem to be under investigation.

And, finally, Support our troops. And oppose war.

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