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March 29, 2005
Busy Day Again

I don't know if I believe the medic when he says he "spazzed out" instead of treating a wounded man or not. I do know that putting men into these situations when they didn't have to be there is wrong. The human cost even to the survivors is too high to do this to people carelessly.

Fifty-nine former USofA diplomats looked at Bolton and said no.

Let's not forget Afghanistan, okay?

Religion and the courts. Again. The courtroom is a place of law. Not a place for people to ask storybooks or Ouija boards for supernatural advise.

Krugman wants to know, "What's Going On?

Democratic societies have a hard time dealing with extremists in their midst. The desire to show respect for other people's beliefs all too easily turns into denial: nobody wants to talk about the threat posed by those whose beliefs include contempt for democracy itself.

This is very true. Many of us have wrestled with this problem.

Our tolerance of differing opinions is the rope our detractors use to vilify us, but the alternative is...being them. And that's too high a price to pay.

Yesterday The Washington Post reported on the growing number of pharmacists who, on religious grounds, refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control or morning-after pills. These pharmacists talk of personal belief; but the effect is to undermine laws that make these drugs available. And let me make a prediction: soon, wherever the religious right is strong, many pharmacists will be pressured into denying women legal drugs.

Obviously I have to stop here to point out that there are reports that these same pharmacists have no objection to selling men condoms. Nor have I heard of any pharmacy refusing to fill a Viagra prescription. It's okay for men to be randy and protected, no matter what.

But...that's the man's choice, and should there be any consequences...the woman will be handed the bill.

Interesting how only women are targeted by the religious Right's "moral" standards. You never hear this kind of moral outrage over WorldCon or Enron, you know?

Massive corporate fraud (by men) that does serious damage to thousands of people? No comment.

A woman has sex, regardless of marital status? Society is collapsing around our ears!

And it won't stop there. There is a nationwide trend toward "conscience" or "refusal" legislation. Laws in Illinois and Mississippi already allow doctors and other health providers to deny virtually any procedure to any patient.

This is more frightening than I can tell you. I have a vision of someone laying in an emergency room and being refused treatment because the caregiver on duty has a "moral" objection to transgendered people or gays or unwed mothers or...well, you see where this could wind up, don't you?

Segregation. Hospitals that only take certain patients...the "right kind of people."

We don't have to be any more specific than that, do we? We know who "the right sort" are.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:38 PM