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March 30, 2005
Blood Money

Selling high-tech war tools to Pakistan? What can we be thinking?

My bet? This is the payola we promised Pakistan in return for "supporting" us in the "war on terror." (Don't be so naive. We paid most of the countries involved in the "coalition."

George Bush praises Bahrain's democratic progress while the country moves toward authoritarian rule. I knew it. He doesn't even know what a democracy looks like.

From Hotel Rwanda to Hotel Darfur. We claim to have invaded Iraq to, among other things, "protect" the citizens against their government. But what about the years'-long slaughter in Darfur? After Rwanda, the world said, "Never again!" but now no one wants to know.

Zambia. Marriage can kill you.

He's lying. There's no political price for letting the Bush Administration hang itself with its own policies. And he doesn't want to sit down with people who disagree with him. As far as that goes, he hasn't offered a plan, so why doesn't he lead by good example (for the first time in his life) and produce one?

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I posted some stuff about USofA-based vigilantes who were taking it upon themselves to patrol the country's borders and kill anyone whose accent they didn't like. (Original link now dead, of course, but plenty of information still available.

Well, we might have hoped it was a single group of nutcases on parade, but either those nutcases, or a new group, has risen from the slime. (The new group took their webpage down, but the cache is still there.)

It's always interesting to see how these bigots try to whitewash their motives by claiming that they're protecting us against that flood of illegal immigrants clogging our hospital emergency rooms and stuff, isn't it? I mean, do you see any hospital administrators in this bunch?

A bit about the conflict.

I do find myself wondering...issues of gun ownership aside, isn't vigilantism illegal? I mean, are you permitted to pick up a gun and go hunting a specific group of people?

Rendition. Explain to me why this isn't considered undemocratic, un-American, and illegal?

Oh. Yeah. It's all three. Our government just doesn't care.

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