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April 14, 2005
Cancer, Education, and Old Age

Speaking of bad government, how about Louisiana's "Cancer Alley"?

Louisiana leads the nation in cancer deaths and cancer mortality among blacks in these Delta towns far outpaces that of whites in the state. Louisiana ranks fourth in heart disease and the Cancer Alley parishes score the highest rate of heart disease in the state. Both heart disease and stroke have been linked to air pollution. Louisiana is also at or near the top of the list in birth defects, respiratory diseases and learning disabilities. Only Texas, a state five times its size, generates more hazardous waste and toxic chemicals.

They had one man empowered to help them stand up to Big Bidness and the oil companies, but he was told to retire or be fired.

Education matters, and that includes Higher Education. Our universities and colleges are not "products" to be "regulated by the WTO and I'm more than a little tired of the Bush Administration's perception that everything we have should be for sale. Jonathan Dresner has the story.

And, while I'm being annoyed, let me point out that there's a huge gap between a company becoming mind-bogglingly successful and a company being evil. Starbucks is not evil.

Also, no one in my family is in a nursing home and after reading Maureen's depressing experience, no one ever will be.

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