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April 20, 2005
Briefly Cruising the Blogs

First, checking out Ampersand, I find a discussion of when people think it's okay to break the law. I posted a cranky comment.

If you're reading at The Whiskey Bar then you know why I didn't know about that "blog of the year" thing. I didn't know all of that about Time Magazine, but certainly it's been many years (Reagan was president) since I gave up on the publication.

Eric Alterman has more. As does Digby. And David Neiwert.

I'm thinking...maybe the people saying we shouldn't ignore the wingnuts are right. Because it's usually a policy of mine to ignore the idiots under the theory that they're, well, idiots, and there are more important things we should be dealing with. But while we were ignoring the lunatics, they've come perilously close to taking over the asylum and turning it into a house of horrors. The very idea that C*ulter, of all people, could, in any respectable publication, be presented as a "mainstream" political figure will likely give me nightmares for weeks to come.

While we're worrying that while we were assuming the folks who disagreed with us were well-meaning, even if frequently wrong, pop on over to Steve Clemons' entry on Bolton's nomination, wherein he helps put together the evidence that the Bush Administration will see us all rot before they back down on anything they propose, no matter how crazy it is. And check out Liberal Oasis on the same topic.

To add to the fun, religious lunatics are increasing their attack on the barrier between church and state. Ahistoricality is following up on the aftermath of the Schiavo affair with a link to news that one of the (non-)activist judges has been "excommunicated" by his church for standing by the law.

Speaking more generally of religion, Atrios is talking about how everything's a gay sex problem with religion these days. Makes me laugh, when I think of how often I've complained that the Religious Right spends a scary (and rather unsavory) amount of time speculating on other people's sex lives. I always blame that old advertising axiom, "sex sells" for why today's organized religions seem to talk about sex incessantly. You can't whip the ignorant and superstitious into a frenzy over honoring their parents these days. You have to have a little T&A or, for the closeted and curious, a little D&A to get people's attention.

And, finally, right before I leave the entire vulgarity of this sex-obsessed portion of the entry, the point isn't whether or not Scalia or anyone else sodomizes his or her wife or husband, the point is that the question is offensive, whether you're gay, straight, or bi. Keep your nose out of other people's bedrooms.

So. Do you know who is spying on you and why?

Okay, let's lighten up now.

Someone with bug-smarts should scamper on over to Crooked Timber and explain Belle's ants.

Canadian Cynic says if the freepers get tired of freeping, they can take a step up the 'intellectual ladder' here. I was laughing.

On another topic, AmericaBlog still has the fundraiser note up. I've seen other blogs recently doing "annual" or other fundraising. I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with reading blogs where someone is asking for money from readers if I'm not contributing.

It seems these people feel they should be paid for what they're doing, and it's their right to decide that. But if I'm not paying.... Well, I've been thinking about it, and I'm going to start delisting and stop reading blogs that ask for donations if I'm not prepared to give them money.

Don't mistake me. I support their desire to cover their costs or make a profit or whatever they're wanting to do. But, because I do support it, I don't feel right about reading a blog I don't like well enough to give money to. If I'm not going to offer them financial support, the least I can do is stop adding to their costs.

I'm going to ponder this until the weekend and then probably do some changing on the blogroll.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:35 PM