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April 22, 2005
Random Rudeness

I haven't said much recently about the on-going kerfuffle over a Pharmacist's Right To Choose. There's much I could say but the truth is I keep waiting for someone else to make the point that occurred to me when I first read the first story.

Mainly, if a pharmacists won't prescribe birth-control so that a woman can have sex and avoid pregnancy, but he will prescribe Viagra so some old guy can get it up, what he's really saying is that it's right and moral for men to have sex but women shouldn't, except to get pregnant.

Which inevitably leads me to the realization that the pharmacist really thinks that guys who don't want a baby arriving in nine months should only have sex with other guys, so these pharmacists are all clearly part of the Gay Agenda.

And, speaking of Things Gay, we could be heading toward a Spanish Iniquitous-ition as the new pope disses Spain's move toward equal rights.

Also kerfuffling are Eric Alterman and J.F. and M.K. at Media Matters. Not with either other. With Cloud, the guy who wrote the misleading article on Coulter in Time magazine.

Let's not lose sight of the facts. Cloud is indignant that he's not getting credit for quoting people who called Coulter names and then he calls Alterman names. Which, I guess, proves he's an equal-opportunity name-caller or something.

Alterman and Media Matters insist on sticking to the point, being that someone who is reportedly a "hard news journalist" should have been discussing Coulter's many and varied lies, hate-mongering, and factual inconsistencies and not quoting people whose criticism never rose above the intellectual level of calling her a "skank." (Also? Since when does a "hard news journalist" stop their research at a simple Google search?) Cloud's ultimate defense is that everyone points out Coulter's many mistakes and inaccuracies and he wanted a "fresh" approach. I guess that's why we got her "irony" and her hair instead of news.

(Disclaimer: I have not read and do not intend to read Cloud's entire article. Even if I were open to the idea of reading Time magazine, I suspect that more than three paragraphs about Coulter would explode my brain. So it's possible I'm being unfair. I doubt it. Further, I don't really care. Everyone knows what she is, which is why "everyone" writes about how many mistakes she makes.)

Not at all rudely, Alan Allport's Cliopatria entry on Eric Muller's essay and Michael Kater's book have inspired me to want to read both. I'm indifferent to matters of poping, which means I've had to swallow a few rude remarks on the subject of the new guy, but the discussion of what "resistance" was possible (and practiced) in pre-WWII Germany sounds fascinating.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:36 AM