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April 22, 2005
Friday Downtime

Symbolically, one of the things that makes many of us think of our heritage is the vision of herds of wild horses thundering across an endless, sunlit plain. Manes rippling down their necks, hooves casting up a storm of dust, heads stretched out eagerly to taste the wind, it's a visual that's familiar to all of us.

Well, hang on to that picture. Thanks to what sounds like a sneak attack from a single Senator, the next time you see wild horses, it may be as carcasses at the nearby dog food plant.

The 34 year old protection from slaughter granted to wild horses and burros roaming a number of the nation's states, was unilaterally repealed by Montana Senator Conrad Burns last December. There were no hearings, no public opportunity for comment and the vast majority of Congress was caught unaware.

Call me cynical, but I'm already puzzling over where the money trail will be found.

Speaking of unsavory, I find a politician barring his government employed staff from speaking to specific journalists from the established media pretty unpleasant. We're not talking national security here, we're talking about a partisan hissyfit on the part of the politician. (I'm not thrilled to read that the Baltimore Sun moved at least one of the journalists to a new job, either, but it does sound like a promotion, at least.) It went to the courts, and the newspaper lost.

John Bolton. In his own words. From an interesting Guardian article. (Don't miss the comments.) More on the story in the LATimes. And more from The Nation.

Speaking of Bush nominees, I see we have a new guy nominated for head of the Joint Chiefs, General Peter Pace, a Marine. Looks like he's currently Vice Chairman. I can't tell from the material I read, but he seems to be intelligent and articulate. And not a loony, unless his much-reported defense of the lunatic Boykin is an indicator. (For the record, I don't. The "defense" is tepid, at best.)

I can't say I'm inspired to buy the book, but the review is compelling. (They Just Don't Get It: How Washington Is Still Compromising Your Safety--And What You Can Do about It By Colonel David Hunt)

And, on a lighter note, I found this funny, not the least because of the picture of the feral cat, armed for battle.

The stupidity of "txtmsg" abbreviations does, in fact, make you stupid.

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