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April 24, 2005
We Need A Little Justice

So, isn't this Justice Sunday or something?

I'm glad to hear it. A little justice is what this country needs, not to mention open, honest, and transparent systems of government controlled by elected officials who have a genuine interest in serving the citizens of this country.

We can do without a lot of what we already have, to make room for that kind of justice.

Colluding with corrupt or incompetent corporations.

Permitting corporations and the wealthy to shelter their money offshore while restructuring the tax code to hit the middle-class.

Accountability that fails to include those at the top of our government agencies.

Fewer and fewer options for needy young people who want futures besides prison.

A dimming future for all the inhabitants of this planet.

Secret committees with the power to dismantle the government.

I volunteer us to do without these and other things, in order to leave our government the time and energy to focus on a little justice for all.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:18 PM