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April 25, 2005
Mixed Headlines

Japan's train wreck yesterday morning. I donít know what to say. A terrible tragedy.

As is the lack of leadership, foresight, and intelligent planning that's killing soldiers.

Portland, Oregon, continues to stand up for itself. Nice to know there's at least one city in this country with the courage to face off against the Terror Warriors.

Looks like the USofA isn't the only country having trouble with the Religious Right.

It's a shame PBS doesn't have the same courage when it comes to standing up against the Right's propaganda machine (PBS isn't "liberal"), although I'd be perfectly happy if PBS offered no political programs at all and devoted itself to turning out some quality entertainment.

Looks like Gannon/Guckert is back in the news and there are some new questions. How do you get in or out of the White House without being logged in/out? (The mentioned Doonesbury comic.)

If it quacks like a duck? Five months after he may or may not have won the election, Bush is looking lame.

(And, speaking of lame, this guy is getting what he deserves.)

There sure have been changes in the campaign trail in the last 30 years. A journalist tries to cover the '04 campaign and can't find anything to write about.

Let's celebrate the safe return of the astronauts from the space station. Why does this get so little coverage in the USofA any more? Are we blasť about space trips, or are we just too insular to celebrate successes by the Russian space program? They took up the slack when we bailed out on the space station. They're entitled to acknowledgement.

Politics and economic matters in Russia, on the other hand, remain turbulent.

Let's also celebrate this. I missed the announcement earlier about this:

... Unocal had agreed to pay to settle a long-running lawsuit charging the oil company with assisting and encouraging the torture, murder and rape of Burmese villagers by government soldiers so that Unocal could build a gas pipeline.

It's also very good news that big corporations are learning to take human rights lawsuits seriously. But....

Unocal unwittingly revealed the seriousness of the settlement when in March it boldly sued its insurance companies for the costs of the case. "The allegations of forced labor, murder, rape, torture, battery, forced relocation and detention throughout the Myanmar litigation fall within the policies' 'personal injuries coverage,'" Unocal said in the lawsuit.

You can insure for rape and torture?

Maybe not. The insurance company denied the claim.

(I need to broaden the news sources I read. Either that, or I'm going to have to give in and use one of those clipping services things that sends you a note when there's something out on a topic you're interested in.)

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