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April 25, 2005
Otherwise, the World O'Blog

I'm afraid I really do have to object to being defined in terms of my reproductive ability.

Avedon Carol continues to pound the drum of open, honest, and transparent voting.

Not strictly WO'B, but still, from an e-mail list from the U.N., so it qualifies as "culled from other than a MSM news source", the U.N. and Haiti.

Wow. Read this. " AIPAC (and Neocon) Scandal Closer to Blowing Up?...What the Times Didn't Mention about a Bad Contractor in Iraq"

Digby talks about how Republicans don't even bother to pretend they'll ever pay the price for their misdeeds. They know the press won't tell and no one else is remembering.

When David Neiwert does a round-up, you can expect to settle down with several hours' worth of reading material.

Now that I've read the internal Microsoft memo, I have to say their position as a corporation is sort of what I'd want a corporation's position to be. They intend to involve themselves in the political process when it's relevant to their business and intend to continue to support equality internally while not using their corporate status to commit shareholders and all employees to political positions they might not agree with. I know many have interpreted their move as fear of being boycotted, but I doubt that Microsoft's grip on the computer software business is that tentative.

Pointless but just adorable penguins and airport security.

Note: I didn't get around to redoing the old blogroll this weekend, or to sending out my minor but well-meant donations to the sites I've chosen to support in the coming year. I mean, just in case you were looking to see if there were any new links or anything.

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